Welcome To Educational Hands


In This Jumpstart Course You Will Recieve:

  • A study planner for working through each module (PDF)
  • The best tips to obtain focused study in ASL (PDF)
  • A checklist for focused study (PDF)
  • Essential study tips for learning ASL (PDF)
  • Fingerspelling tips (PDF)

In Addition You Will:

  • Be introduced to Deaf Culture
  • Learn the basics of ASL (numbers, alphabet, colors, family, and more)
  • Work on developing vocabulary with course Vocabulary Builders
  • Understand the basics of structuring ASL sentences
  • Practice creating simple ASL sentences
  • Practice signing with course videos
  • Reinforce learning through practice exercises and assignments
  • Join a community of like-minded ASL learners

Course Requirements

  • A strong desire to learn ASL
  • A personal commitment to study and practice the material
  • A promise to yourself to complete the course

No Previous ASL Skill Needed.